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Te Puke Times: Pukehina abuzz with learning

For those that missed it, Pukehina School was in the Te Puke Times last week (Thursday September 11) in an article about what Room 2 has been learning with Mrs Scott.

Click the picture to zoom in, or read the article below.

Newspaper bumble bees


Pukehina abuzz with learning 
By Cameron Scott

If you want to know anything about bumble bees, ask the children at Pukehina School.

Same if you want to know anything about making ginger beer or raising rabbits.

Teacher Chris Scott says the young pupils at the 100-year-old rural school embarked on an inquiry learning process this year, aimed at teaching them how to ask questions and research various subjects. They began the school year studying rabbits and as a learning aid acquired a pet rabbit, know as Buddy. They then looked into the process involved in making candles, visited a local farm and made ginger beer, the traditional way, starting with a plant.

The latest project involved raising bumble bees, from larvae supplied by a specialist Auckland firm which also provides bees for farms and orchards.

“The idea is to teach the kids how to take control of their own learning.” says Mrs Scott. “So it’s been the three ‘Bs’ – ‘beer’, bees and bunnies”

As part of their study the children, aged 5-8, drew pictures of bumble bees, pointing out their physical features and were able to watch as the larvae turned into busy black and yellow striped bees in their glass enclosure.

As for Buddy the bunny, he’s still a top attraction and though he now likes to hang out under one of the school buildings, is very tame and still likes to be cuddled by the children.

And his presence has had an unexpected benefit, says Mrs Scott.

“The kids like to read to him and since he’s been here, their reading skills have rocketed. He’s also given them something to care for”.

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