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Getting off to a Good Start

Parents, you are important to your child’s success at school. Here are some ways you can help your child get off to a good start this year.

SET HOMEWORK RULES – Decide on a time and place for doing homework. While your child is in the Junior class you will need to sit with him/her and supervise them while they are doing it. Discuss the work and show an interest in the completed work. However make it clear that it is your child’s responsibility to get the homework done.

PRAISE EFFORT RATHER THAN BRAINS – Research suggests that children who are praised for effort do better than those who are praised for being smart. When children understand that effort is the key to success, they are more likely to say, “I’ll keep trying until I can do it”.

TALK ABOUT THE SCHOOL DAY – This is a good way of sharing the good things that happen at school. Ask what your child what was great about the day at school first. These talks can alert you to any possible problems, so you can work on solutions together.

If your child seems worried about something, it is important to find out why. Contact your child’s teacher and let her know you are eager to work with the school to make the year a success for your child.

SLEEP RESEARCH – Scientific studies are showing that children sleep an hour less today than they did 30 years ago – and it’s having a dramatic effect on their intelligence, behaviour and obesity levels. 5 – 12 year olds need 10 – 11 hours sleep to function at the maximum.

A sensible bedtime during the week will help your child keep up with the learning requirements.

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Well Done to last weeks "DUFFY Caught Being Good" award recipients.

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Hi everyone, hope you've had a great holiday and are ready to start a new term. See you on Monday 😀

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