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It is Ministry policy that you let the school know if your child is absent – either a note or phone call.

If your child is sick we would like a phone call in the morning, so we know if your child is sick and has not gone missing on the way to school.

Bell Times

9.00 Beginning of day
10:30 Morning interval
11:10 End of Morning interval
12:40 Beginning of lunch break
1:20 End of lunch break
3:00 End of school day

Note: We have shortened the lunch time break and extended the morning interval break as it has a better effect on learning and behaviour.

Bible in Schools

This takes place each Wednesday, between 9.00 – 9.30. Non denominational and low key.


It is school policy that children under 10 years of age are not encouraged to ride their bike to school.

It is law for all children to wear helmets.

Breakfast Club

We have a great breakfast club that runs every morning from 8.30am till 8.50. We encourage a good start to the day and believe breakfast is important to a child’s learning.

Sanitarium provides us with Weetbix and Fonterra provides the milk.

We also gratefully accept any donations of fresh or canned fruit, or anything else you could contribute.


Pukehina School is against bullying and any form of behaviour which causes pain or distress to another person. We treat bullying as a serious offence and action will be taken against continued bullying. The bully will be removed from contact with other children during morning tea and lunch.

Bullying can be:

  • Physical: Pushing, kicking, hitting or any use of violence
  • Verbal: Name-calling, sarcasm, spreading rumours, threatening, teasing about someone’s race/gender/size/performance/looks/background etc
  • Emotional: Excluding, tormenting, being unfriendly, looks, silence, staring etc

We talk to our children and remind them of the following.


  • You have a right to be safe!!
  • Nobody has the right to make you unhappy!
  • If you are being bullied or know that someone is being bullied tell someone
  • It is not your fault
  • Keeping quiet gives bullies power
  • By just telling someone you can take that power away
  • Remember it is the bully that has the problem and not you!
  • Bullies need help!

Please talk to the teachers if you and your child have issues about bullying.


Children using the School bus are to be reminded of safe habits that are appropriate for the bus.

  • Children must stand back from the road edge, until the bus has stopped and the door is open.
  • When getting off the bus, children need to wait until the bus has travelled well down the road before they cross.
  •  On the bus, children are expected to remain seated, talk quietly and show good manners towards other children and the bus driver.

Should your child’s behaviour be of concern we will contact you. Travel on the bus is a privilege, not a right.


Our canteen is open five days per week (list and prices at the office). We also do fundraising lunches sometimes, these can be on any day and order forms are sent home.


Please name clothing. We have a school uniform which encourages us to be PROUD. For artwork an old shirt to protect clothing is practical.

During terms 1 and 4 it is compulsory for your child to wear a hat. If they do not have a hat to wear in summer, they will have to remain in shade areas. This is a Ministry of Education requirement.

Country Tech

Year 7 & 8 children travel to Te Puke Intermediate at 11.00 each Friday morning for Technicraft and return by 1:20 p.m. The programme includes cooking, woodwork, ICT and art. This is a part of the year 7-8 curriculum.

This costs $40 per child per year –the school pays $20 and the family pays $20.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Therapist comes to school once a year in a mobile caravan and checks the children’s teeth. You will be sent home a consent form before any work is done on your child’s teeth.

First Aid

First aid requirements are at school. In case of serious accidents the staff will decide on the action taken.

Please advise if your child has a medical condition we need to know about. Hand any medications to class teacher.

We are unable to give painkillers unless we have parental permission. If your child suffers from regular headaches then painkillers may be sent to school to be LOCKED away in the First Aid cupboard where they will be labelled with your child’s name.

Goal Setting

Your child will be setting personal learning goals during the first term, to help them focus on their work for the year. These are sent home, please discuss them with your children and help them achieve.


Is given on a regular basis. It is important that you read to your child every night and or they read to you.

Research shows that reading to children every day is the most valuable thing you can do fro their learning.


Children are encouraged to make use of library.

$10 will be charged for lost books. Books to be returned at the end of each term.

Lost Property

This always needs policing, please name clothing so it can be returned to the owner.

Lost property is often laid out on the ground and children are paraded past to see if they recognize clothing belonging to them. Parents are able to come to school at anytime to look through the lost property bin for their child’s clothing.

Clothing left at school at the end of each term finds its way to the Opportunity Shop. If your child has lost articles of clothing you may find them there, where you can buy them back for a small cost.


Please encourage your child to eat a variety of healthy food, fruit and sandwiches. Unhealthy food such as lollies, chocolate and fizzy drinks are treats and will be sent home.

Money & Valuables

Teachers will take care but no responsibility for valuable items lost or broken at school. Please don’t send precious toys to school.


Sent home usually once a week, or read it digitally in our online newsletter archive.

Open Door

Parents are encouraged to come into the school, help out in the classroom and generally feel one of the family.

Physical Education

P.E. activities occur most days over summer and some days during winter. All children are expected to take part.

Shorts are the preferred clothing during these activities, please help by having shorts in your children’s bags and togs/towel during the summer months.

A note or phone call is required if your child can’t take part.

R.T.L.B. Service - Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour

There are 4 teachers who move around our schools offering advice and helping teachers and children out with learning and behaviour difficulties. It is a great service and really positive outcomes have been achieved.

If you feel your child could benefit from some 1 to 1 attention from an R.T.L.B. teacher please talk to your child’s teacher and an application will be made.

School Camps

Generally we go on a school camp every other year.

On the alternate years a “ Buzz” week is held at school – the whole school stays at school 2 nights and day trips and outdoor activities are planned.


All children are tested for speech, sight & hearing when they enter school at 5 years and in Form 1 – a consent form must be completed by Guardian/Parent.


We charge per term for stationery. We find that this is a much better way as your child has exactly what they need all year. Books/pens/pencils etc will be given to the children at the start of the year and any extra needed during the year.

We will not charge for any additional stationery as this is all included in the cost.

Teacher Aide

We have a part time teacher aide in the school. She works with groups and individuals in both classrooms.


Fantastic. Each class has an Electronic whiteboard linked to computers via a projector. All children have their own lap top.

Cell phones: We discourage children from bringing cell phones to school. If they must bring one they are to hand it into the office when they arrive and collect it at the end of the day. We take no responsibility if phones and lost or damaged.

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